No body is perfect

Nowadays, everywhere you look, you see people making a big hoolaboo about skinny people, how they are not suitable role models and how they should not be made public faces lest they inspire the youth of today to stop eating and develop eating disorders. To me, that sounds absolutely ridiculous!

People are entitled to their own opinions, but not at the expense of other people’s feelings. They say it’s better to be curvy instead of skinny. But newsflash! Skinny does not mean straight and fat does not mean curvy! Body shaming is no way to make yourself feel better about your own body. They say, “You should be happy with your body, because, in the end, being curvy is much better than being like those anorexic models. It is an unrealistic body image.” Umm, Who made them the judge of that? Different people have different preferences. There are so many people in the real world who have a thin frame. By making them feel bad about their bodies, aren’t they being hypocritical?

People say that just because someone is thin, means they are anorexic. I have had so many people ask me, “Do you eat any food?” or “Are you taking care of your health? You really should try these pills or those supplements.”

Let me tell you’ll of this one instance. Back when I was in 9th grade, my school started football as a sport for the students. When I signed up for it, my class teacher looks at me, and says “Are you sure you are upto it? You’ll probably fly away with the football.” A teacher, supposedly a mentor, a source of inspiration for children passing a comment like this! How can you root out bullying and body shaming by school children when adults themselves indulge in it? I can assure you, after that day, I have never had the courage to go and play any sport, and I regret having let it get to me and put a stop to my school activities. People have absolutely no idea how sensitive children with body image issues are and how deeply one single insult can affect them. Children don’t simply start hating their bodies, we teach them to.

People petition all the time to stop fashion labels from showcasing their collections on size zero models, and put “FIT” and “CURVY” women on the ramp instead, in order to promote a positive body image, to showcase “REAL” bodies. To all of you’ll, ignorance isn’t going to promote that. In real life, there are people with varying body sizes, shapes, and that does not mean they are unhealthy! Being fat does not mean you eat too much and being thin does not mean you don’t eat at all! I don’t know what dictionaries they use, but every single one I have ever referred to shows that they are not synonyms.


Making advertisements like





is just snide.

Before passing such judgements about people, do these critics consider their natural body frame, or genetics? Some people are born with a tendency to be a certain way, and shaming people for being thin or fat is not the way to promote health. It is absolutely hypocritical and unrealistic. I think they should be more ashamed of their narrow mindset that the people who they criticize.

Till now, I have never had the courage to say anything to these people. I would just hide in my room and cry day in and day out. I didn’t want to tell people about my insecurities lest they label me and make a joke out of it. But life is too short to sit back and listen to all the dirt. I know better now, and if people want to continue doing it, be my guest. Poking fun at others is never going to do any good to others, but it will only reflect on how rotten their thinking regarding these things is.


Prove everyone wrong.


If there is one big dream I have, it is to prove everyone wrong.
My physics teacher just told me I won’t be able to do anything, when clearly the mistake was hers. I want to prove her wrong. I want to prove everyone else who likes to find faults in me wrong. Those school kids, friends, teachers, you name it.
Everyone who has ever made something of themselves has faced rejection at least at one point in their lives. Using this rejection as motivation, they pushed themselves and achieved the impossible in all different fields.
These haters seem to find so much pleasure in putting us down. It would be fun, wouldn’t it, to use their discrimination against them and use it to push ourselves forward? In the end we will end up polished while they will have wasted all of their time putting everyone else down just to realize that they gained absolutely nothing in the process.
Every time I feel like giving up, I think of all those people who would love to see me fall flat on my face and it ignites a fire inside me. It makes me work harder than ever and gets me closer to my dream. I know, in the end they will all be sorry and that is good enough for me.

You should never pay attention to them and let them hurt you. That way, you give them whatever they want and end up going insane.
On your way to success, you will fall repeatedly, but it’s not the end of the world. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start again.
If you fall 7 times, get up 8 times and one of those times will surely be the charm. Things are bad now, but they can only get better. It may be stormy now, but it can’t rain forever.

You have brains in your head,
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself
any direction you choose.
-Dr Seuss

So I was just watching Spring Breakers. The entire summer I was awaiting its release.  Never got the time to see it, but now I wish I hadn’t. The movie starts of with a bunch of girls doing drugs and getting drunk. They steal money from a shop in order to finance a spring break for themselves. But an unexpected set of events lead them to being caught on Narcotics charges and they are put in prison. A gangster bails the 4 girls out, in return for their romantic interests.

I must say, the movie is the most disturbing movie ever! How did teenagers end up getting so messed up? It is absolutely terrifying the way they have portrayed the entire story. It is shady, demeaning and a total disappointment. Unfortunately, some of it is the truth for teenagers these days! No one is bothered about a future anymore. It’s all about late night parties, drinking, smoking. I wish people would just stop and think for a moment about how they plan on living life this way? How will they continue these things when they cannot even hold a decent job with a good salary? You can’t live off your parents forever.


Okay, so, how many times have any of you’ll googled “How to get someone to fall for you?” and found the exact same advice everywhere. “Be yourself.” Nuts, right?

Well, dear How To articles, that’s exactly what i have been trying to do. It didn’t work and hence i’m on this site!

I wished someone would just link me to a website that would tell me how to be the female version of Barney Stinson or like Scarlett Johansson, minus the looks.

I’m sure all of you’ll have also faced rejection in some way, or felt like you aren’t good enough. You spend days crying and wondering what you could do to finally be exactly the kind of girl he wants to be with and the girl every other girl wants to be like. But who decided that women should look a certain way or dress in a certain way to attract someone?

Then I realized something, any man who can’t see the beauty in us doesn’t deserve us. And no one has the right to make us feel like crap. All women are beautiful in their own way. You may think you are too fat, maybe you’re just huggable. And if you think you’re too skinny, i’m sure many would love to be like you too. I personally am extremely skinny, and I always hated people pointing it out to me. I mean, hello! I do own a mirror and I see myself everyday. I tried everything I could to gain some weight and some self esteem, but it never worked. So I stayed holed up in my room, never socializing, never going out. And for what? So that some self absorbed girls would stop making me feel like a horrible about myself?

But you know, if you want to please everyone around you, you will never be good enough. You will always be too thin, too fat, too short, too tall, too this, too that. You need to realize that in the end, it is your body. They may be entitled to their opinion, but they can’t make you feel bad if you love yourself for exactly what you are.

Beauty isn’t a size. I no longer care if people think i’m too skinny. This is my body. If they don’t like it, screw it. Their opinion about the amount of space my body occupies is a reflection of their mindset, not mine.

Women bring themselves and inadvertently others down by commenting on their bodies. Saying stuff like, “Only dogs go for bones, real men prefer curves” or making hurtful fat people jokes, we are just bringing down our gender and insulting ourselves. People from all the different countries have worked so hard to stop the oppression of women. We say it’s over in the developed countries, but is it really? Aren’t we oppressing each other? And that too without the help of all the narrow minded and old fashioned misogynistic cowards? We shouldn’t try to make a joke out of our own gender.

Instead of fighting with each other, we must all stick together to bring about a more tolerant society.

They say beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. So we must all find that beauty inside of all of us and learn to love each other.

Beauty is not in the face, beauty is a light in the heart. -Khalil Gibran. Image


Vacations suck!

We spend the entire year waiting for the summer vacations, make a million plans and wishes hoping that they come true. But when the vacations do start, it all goes down the drain.

After a long year, I was really looking forward to the vacations, but now that they are here, i just want them to get over already! I have absolutely nothing to do. No hobbies, no classes, nothing productive and that just frustrates me to no end. All this excitement was for nothing!

This year has been terrible for me. I’ve wasted a lot of time doing mindless things and on mindless, so-called “friends”. Never mind them, they aren’t worth it.

Lately, I’ve been trying to find a new hobby for myself and decided to try my hand at designing. Hopefully, at least that will pan out. 

I am hoping this new academic year helps me start living a new and improved life. Start off with a clean slate again! 

Until next time,

Them teen tunes.

The hard life of a Teenager!

Okay so i know lots of people write about this stuff, but you guys have no idea how hard having a life in India is !..The society is like super conservative..Simple stuff like Dating is a big no-no..and god forbid you try to have a life.In India you have to conform to this particular set of rules,with no loop-holes. Its like social suffocation, especially when your a teenager! And the worst part is, teenagers all over the world are the same. They all want the same things, which makes me wonder..why can others have them and not us? Is it really that necessary for people to bother about what others think of them? And everyone does all the usual teenage stuff anyways, so is it not better to just be open about it and not lie and hide stuff from people you care about? I know I may sound a bit bitter right now, so, yes!! I am feeling very bitter!… I can’t do a single thing I feel like. I’m a 15 year old for god’s sake!..and people still treat me like a stupid immature kid!..I just hate that! Just recently, i tried to convince my parents to let me go for this youth exchange program, but no! first they were like okay..and now..”you won’t be able to settle” and “You may fall into bad company”..hell..i can do that sitting right here in my own area!.. O.o ..This is soo damn frustrating!! They keep telling me I can do stuff here also..But what about what i want?! … And me, i am actually one of those talent-less people.. I Can’t dance.. I can’t play sports, so I have nothing else to do. I can just go explore new places and be satisfied with that. But my parents won’t let me do even that! Sometimes i feel like i really do need a Psych evaluation, to get to know..”am i crazy for asking stuff like this, is it too much?” I tried using “The Secret”, but nothing works! It all seems like some pointless scam, yet i keep feeling hopeful about it and trying it over and over again!..I need freedom!..I need Liberty and all that!, but for now..a break from this usual boring life would suffice! 😦

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