The hard life of a Teenager!

Okay so i know lots of people write about this stuff, but you guys have no idea how hard having a life in India is !..The society is like super conservative..Simple stuff like Dating is a big no-no..and god forbid you try to have a life.In India you have to conform to this particular set of rules,with no loop-holes. Its like social suffocation, especially when your a teenager! And the worst part is, teenagers all over the world are the same. They all want the same things, which makes me wonder..why can others have them and not us? Is it really that necessary for people to bother about what others think of them? And everyone does all the usual teenage stuff anyways, so is it not better to just be open about it and not lie and hide stuff from people you care about? I know I may sound a bit bitter right now, so, yes!! I am feeling very bitter!… I can’t do a single thing I feel like. I’m a 15 year old for god’s sake!..and people still treat me like a stupid immature kid!..I just hate that! Just recently, i tried to convince my parents to let me go for this youth exchange program, but no! first they were like okay..and now..”you won’t be able to settle” and “You may fall into bad company”..hell..i can do that sitting right here in my own area!.. O.o ..This is soo damn frustrating!! They keep telling me I can do stuff here also..But what about what i want?! … And me, i am actually one of those talent-less people.. I Can’t dance.. I can’t play sports, so I have nothing else to do. I can just go explore new places and be satisfied with that. But my parents won’t let me do even that! Sometimes i feel like i really do need a Psych evaluation, to get to know..”am i crazy for asking stuff like this, is it too much?” I tried using “The Secret”, but nothing works! It all seems like some pointless scam, yet i keep feeling hopeful about it and trying it over and over again!..I need freedom!..I need Liberty and all that!, but for now..a break from this usual boring life would suffice! 😦


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