Vacations suck!

We spend the entire year waiting for the summer vacations, make a million plans and wishes hoping that they come true. But when the vacations do start, it all goes down the drain.

After a long year, I was really looking forward to the vacations, but now that they are here, i just want them to get over already! I have absolutely nothing to do. No hobbies, no classes, nothing productive and that just frustrates me to no end. All this excitement was for nothing!

This year has been terrible for me. I’ve wasted a lot of time doing mindless things and on mindless, so-called “friends”. Never mind them, they aren’t worth it.

Lately, I’ve been trying to find a new hobby for myself and decided to try my hand at designing. Hopefully, at least that will pan out. 

I am hoping this new academic year helps me start living a new and improved life. Start off with a clean slate again! 

Until next time,

Them teen tunes.


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