So I was just watching Spring Breakers. The entire summer I was awaiting its release.  Never got the time to see it, but now I wish I hadn’t. The movie starts of with a bunch of girls doing drugs and getting drunk. They steal money from a shop in order to finance a spring break for themselves. But an unexpected set of events lead them to being caught on Narcotics charges and they are put in prison. A gangster bails the 4 girls out, in return for their romantic interests.

I must say, the movie is the most disturbing movie ever! How did teenagers end up getting so messed up? It is absolutely terrifying the way they have portrayed the entire story. It is shady, demeaning and a total disappointment. Unfortunately, some of it is the truth for teenagers these days! No one is bothered about a future anymore. It’s all about late night parties, drinking, smoking. I wish people would just stop and think for a moment about how they plan on living life this way? How will they continue these things when they cannot even hold a decent job with a good salary? You can’t live off your parents forever.


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