No body is perfect

Nowadays, everywhere you look, you see people making a big hoolaboo about skinny people, how they are not suitable role models and how they should not be made public faces lest they inspire the youth of today to stop eating and develop eating disorders. To me, that sounds absolutely ridiculous!

People are entitled to their own opinions, but not at the expense of other people’s feelings. They say it’s better to be curvy instead of skinny. But newsflash! Skinny does not mean straight and fat does not mean curvy! Body shaming is no way to make yourself feel better about your own body. They say, “You should be happy with your body, because, in the end, being curvy is much better than being like those anorexic models. It is an unrealistic body image.” Umm, Who made them the judge of that? Different people have different preferences. There are so many people in the real world who have a thin frame. By making them feel bad about their bodies, aren’t they being hypocritical?

People say that just because someone is thin, means they are anorexic. I have had so many people ask me, “Do you eat any food?” or “Are you taking care of your health? You really should try these pills or those supplements.”

Let me tell you’ll of this one instance. Back when I was in 9th grade, my school started football as a sport for the students. When I signed up for it, my class teacher looks at me, and says “Are you sure you are upto it? You’ll probably fly away with the football.” A teacher, supposedly a mentor, a source of inspiration for children passing a comment like this! How can you root out bullying and body shaming by school children when adults themselves indulge in it? I can assure you, after that day, I have never had the courage to go and play any sport, and I regret having let it get to me and put a stop to my school activities. People have absolutely no idea how sensitive children with body image issues are and how deeply one single insult can affect them. Children don’t simply start hating their bodies, we teach them to.

People petition all the time to stop fashion labels from showcasing their collections on size zero models, and put “FIT” and “CURVY” women on the ramp instead, in order to promote a positive body image, to showcase “REAL” bodies. To all of you’ll, ignorance isn’t going to promote that. In real life, there are people with varying body sizes, shapes, and that does not mean they are unhealthy! Being fat does not mean you eat too much and being thin does not mean you don’t eat at all! I don’t know what dictionaries they use, but every single one I have ever referred to shows that they are not synonyms.


Making advertisements like





is just snide.

Before passing such judgements about people, do these critics consider their natural body frame, or genetics? Some people are born with a tendency to be a certain way, and shaming people for being thin or fat is not the way to promote health. It is absolutely hypocritical and unrealistic. I think they should be more ashamed of their narrow mindset that the people who they criticize.

Till now, I have never had the courage to say anything to these people. I would just hide in my room and cry day in and day out. I didn’t want to tell people about my insecurities lest they label me and make a joke out of it. But life is too short to sit back and listen to all the dirt. I know better now, and if people want to continue doing it, be my guest. Poking fun at others is never going to do any good to others, but it will only reflect on how rotten their thinking regarding these things is.


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