No body is perfect

Nowadays, everywhere you look, you see people making a big hoolaboo about skinny people,¬†how they are not suitable role models and how they should not be made public faces lest they inspire the youth of today to stop eating and develop eating disorders. To me, that sounds absolutely ridiculous! People are entitled to their own […]

Prove everyone wrong.

If there is one big dream I have, it is to prove everyone wrong. My physics teacher just told me I won’t be able to do anything, when clearly the mistake was hers. I want to prove her wrong. I want to prove everyone else who likes to find faults in me wrong. Those school […]


Okay, so, how many times have any of you’ll googled “How to get someone to fall for you?” and found the exact same advice everywhere. “Be yourself.” Nuts, right? Well, dear How To articles, that’s exactly what i have been trying to do. It didn’t work and hence i’m on this site! I wished someone […]


Vacations suck! We spend the entire year waiting for the summer vacations, make a million plans and wishes hoping that they come true. But when the vacations do start, it all goes down the drain. After a long year, I was really looking forward to the vacations, but now that they are here, i just […]

Lavasa! just fo…

Lavasa! just found a few pictures I had taken a few years ago!.. Lavasa is a planned city located near Pune in India. Even though the city is highly controversial with accusations of brikery, environmental damage, land obtained through coercion, etc. there are some sights in the city truly worth seein!